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Roofing Katy Can Help Plan Your Garden Roof

[Posted on February 17, 2013]

With the increasing awareness involving environmental practices and “green” living, garden top or “green” roofs are increasing in popularity. Due to the architectural diversity of Katy Roofing, some of these roof gardens have a natural home in the area. Plus, if you are tired of deer and other wildlife destroying your gardens, one way to keep them safe is to put them on top of your home.

Whatever your dream may be, there is an expert roofer in the Katy area that can turn a picture into the dream home with a roof garden that you have always wanted. Written below, a brief overview of this topic is detailed in order to help you with expressing your expectations to a local roofing contractor for your next green Katy Roofing project.

Reasons for a Garden Roof

Garden roofs are one of the fastest growing solutions to a number of household problems. If your garden is overrun with deer and rabbits, placing your vulnerable crops on top of your roof may be the only way to win.

Another reason to consider a garden roof are the advantages that come from knowing that you are still able to have a garden with limited space. If your property lacks a proper yard, a rooftop garden is a great way to utilize space and maximize sunlight. Homeowners may also find a rooftop garden beautiful and use it as a meditative gardening space or a place to entertain. No matter what your reason, this is a major undertaking that requires a local roofing professional.

Different Styles of Roof Gardens

Among the variations are the attached roof garden that utilizes the glass of the windows for growing plants. There are also styles that create giant porches accessible from attic windows that house gardens parallel to the roof. Finally, flat-top roofs can be added to a home that does not currently have them. No matter what style you choose, you can be guaranteed that there is a local roofing contractor in the Katy area that can get the job done with quality.

Dramatically Changing your Roof to a Flat-top for Gardening

Are you finding that your front and backyard are almost unusable for gardening or entertaining your children? If you are looking for a dramatic change that will significantly influence the way that your family lives, consider a flat-top roof that includes a garden.

While it seems like an overhaul, it is much easier to do than you think. Oftentimes, these roofs can be added with exterior beams that do not influence the house underneath. The end result is a beautiful garden on top of your home that is safely tucked away in the sky.

Professionals Help Set Limitations

One of the downsides of placing a garden on your roof is that there can be significant damage to your home if it is not done properly. For example, adding water to soil is extremely heavy and this can cause your roof to cave in. This can be remedied by contacting a professional who will know how to ameliorate the situation and still get you the results that you want. This is why roofing Katy contractors are essential in helping with each and every garden roof project. One call is all you need to get these projects started.

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