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Gutters are an important feature on any home (or other building) and can add value to any building. They help to carry water away from the foundation, thus protecting the very thing upon which the home rests. Without question, water is the most destructive force to any building, and is a silent killer that can eat away at the foundation of your house. Gutters are the ultimate solution to this problem, as they help to prevent mold and mildew from being a problem both on the outside and inside of the home.

A good gutter system will have no seams in the gutters except for the corners. In order to ensure there are no seams, an installer must bring a gutter machine to the job and form the gutters on site.

Approximately 30-40 feet long is the longest gutter that can be safely transported. Almost all homes require gutters longer than this to achieve seamless installation, meaning on-site assembly is normally required.

The seams in the corners should be hand cut by a professional. If he/she is using a pre cut corner you will have 3 seams in each corner. The size most used today is a 6 inch gutter with a 4 inch downspout.

The most common material is aluminum with a baked on enamel paint. Lastly the gutters must be kept clean in order to perform. If your gutters are not kept clean, they will fail as foreign debris seep in.