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Texan Roofing has Expert Houston Roofers

  • Manufacturer Certified Installers
  • Free Estimates/Inspections Available
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Wide Variety of Roofing Services

Texan Roofing

Owner: Tim Kana
Phone 281-391-9600
1508 Whispering Oaks
Katy, Tx 77493

Operation Hours:

Monday – Sunday
Emergency Call Center open 24/7
And we can schedule any job, inspection, or Estimate any day of the week

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Contact Texan Roofing for Excellent Roofing Services

Texan Roofing has become one of Houston's most trusted roofing companies, mostly due to the workmanship of our Houston roofers. They are manufacturer certified installers and they follow all installation specifications needed for customers to benefit from the best possible warranties. They can work on a wide variety of roofing issues such as re-roofing projects, new construction and leak repairs. We provide estimate repairs for free, will inspect the job thoroughly and clean up everything before you receive a bill. For excellence in Houston roof repair, give us a call at 281-391-9600.

Featured Article

Houston Roofers Can Ensure Your Roof is Ready for Winter

Be sure that shrubs, trees, and other growing things are trimmed back from your roof line. Trees and shrubs offer a great way for insects to access the wood in your roof, and may also provide a conduit for water that can build up and turn into damaging ice. No branches or leaves should be touching your roof. Clean all debris such as pine needles or other leaves off your roof. Clean your gutters and run water through them to remove dirt and mud. Inspect your caulking for warped or buckled areas. Make note of those areas if you call in a roofer. Visually inspect your flashing for obvious buckles or problems. If you notice any disorder or significantly weathered spots, it is probably time to call upon your Houston roofers at Texan Roofing.

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