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Are you looking for a qualified contractor to repair or replace the old siding on your home or business? Texan Roofing can help you with any siding project you need completed. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on ANY project our customers hire us to complete.

Texan Roofing is the #1 choice in Houston and ALL surrounding areas in replacing the old siding that may be rotting or falling apart. We can replace rotten wood with treated wood to match perfect, and we also offer full exterior painting service as well. Most of our customers with older homes are having all the wood or vinyl siding removed from their home entirely and hiring us to replace it with Hardieplank siding.

Hardieplank siding is the number one choice for the majority of our homeowners when it comes to replacing their siding. A wide range of options are available for the homeowner with a range of pricing depending on the type you choose. Please call us or send in an online form TODAY so we can set up an appointment with you for your siding estimate.